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Women with Alcoholic Husbands

von , 2018 bei The University of North Carolina Press

Kategorien: Heirat & Familie


The University of North Carolina Press



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Januar 2018




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In this important study of women with alcoholic husbands, Asher vividly describes the process of coming to terms with a profound crisis in one's private life. From interviews with more than fifty women, all of whom were participants in family treatment programs, she assembles a composite picture of the experiences shared by wives of alcoholics. The testimony given by these women illustrates the steps they must take to regain control of their lives. The first step is figuring out what is happening and deciding what to do about it. Asher argues that the vogue of using the label "codependent" may actually hinder rather than facilitate emotional health. Led to think of themselves as addicted to their husbands' addictions the wives of alcoholics may be persuaded that their own problems can't be overcome. But, Asher shows, these women can take command of their lives.

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