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Wisdom from the Deep Living Blog

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Savoring life, musings on food and how to grow it sustainably, reflections on the present cultural transformation, deep and meaningful living, spiritual meanderings, thoughts on health and wellness, answers on how we can heal our planet—Wisdom from the Deep Living Blog is an uplifting collection of the best inspirational blog posts from almost six years of blogging on holistic living, and a companion book to "Deep Living: Healing Yourself To Heal The Planet"

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von Christine Ingall veröffentlicht 2017 bei Panoma Press in den Kategorien Inspiration & Lebenshilfe, Tod, Trauer, Verlust, Scheidung & Trennung, Mid-life, Erwachsene, Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, Selbstmanagement, Älter werden, Angst & Phobien, Tod, Trauer, Verlust, Motivierung & Inspiration, Glück & Zufriedenheit, Erfolg

Millions of people, who live alone and are without a partner, avoid everyday leisure pursuits for fear of being seen to be on their own. Many people in a relationship never do anything on their own. This step-by-step guide helps such people to conquer ... show more

von Elliott O'Donnell veröffentlicht 2017 bei Skyline in den Kategorien Inspiration & Lebenshilfe, Okkultismus

I mentioned in one of my former works that I believe many of the figures we pass by in the streets are not men and women like ourselves, but phantasms—phantasms of the living, that is to say, spirit projections of people consciously or unconsciously th... show more