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von Jonathan Green veröffentlicht 2009 bei Skyhorse Publishing in der Kategorie Kuriositäten & Wunder

Wouldn’t it be great to understand all our Christmas traditions? Here, Jonathan Green offers the fascinating history behind our most beloved holiday traditions. For example, myrrh is incense made from the resin of a North African bush and was a special... show more

von P. T. Barnum veröffentlicht 2015 bei P. T. Barnum in den Kategorien Nachschlagewerke, Kuriositäten & Wunder

One of Mr. Barnum’s secrets of success is his unique methods of advertising, and we can readily understand how he can bear to be denounced as a “Humbug,” because this popular designation though undeserved in the popular acceptation of it, “brought gris... show more

von John Sutherland veröffentlicht 2011 bei Skyhorse Publishing in der Kategorie Kuriositäten & Wunder

When did cigarettes start making an appearance in English literature? Which author's heart was purportedly eaten by a cat? One of our best-known and best-loved literary critics turns his attention to the more bizarre areas of literature in this miscell... show more

von Nicholas Belardes veröffentlicht 2016 bei Mango in den Kategorien Film, Kulturelles Erbe, Afrika, Essays, Hispano-Amerikanisch, Bücher & Lesen, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Ratgeber, Kuriositäten & Wunder, Essays, Hispanic Studies, Popkultur

In his debut essay collection, Nicholas Belardes uses today’s pop culture and self-deprecating humor as a filter for discussing personal stories of family, writing, gender, art, and race. He dives into the Harry Potter play and discusses his cursed chi... show more