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The Great Rebirth

von , 2014 bei Peterson Institute for Intl. Economics

Kategorien: Russland & Ehemalige Sowjetunion


Peterson Institute for Intl. Economics



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Oktober 2014




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The Great Rebirth: Lessons from the Victory of Capitalism over Communism; The Great Rebirth; Anders Aslund; Aslund; Simeon Djankov; Djankov; Peterson Institute for International Economics; Institute for International Economics; PIIE; IIE; 978-0-88132-697-0; 978-0-88132-698-7; Communism; fall of communism; market economies; privatization; state-owned enterprises; deregulation; reforms; Poland; Hungary; Czechoslovakia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Russia; Slovakia; Bulgaria; Georgia; Ukraine; Postcommunist; post-communist; trade and investment; political economy; Leszek Balcerowicz; Lajos Bokros; Vaclav Klaus; Mart Laar; Ivan Miklos; Mikheil Saakashvili; Kakha Bendukidze; Oleh Havrylyshyn; Charles Wyplosz; Daniel Gros; Gerard Roland; Daniel Treisman

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