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Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Discipline-based English Studies

von , 2017 bei Springer

Kategorien: Sprache, Sprachwissenschaft & sprachliche Fächer, Linguistik





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Juli 2017




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This book presents empirical findings that reveal various teaching strategies and responses from two sub-cultural groups of students, i.e. local Hong Kong and Mainland students, with regard to their English studies. It puts forward a constructive model for innovative teaching strategies to enhance language attainment and classroom interaction in a multicultural learning environment in Hong Kong. It highlights inclusive teaching strategies with instructional, inspirational and interactional components to accommodate diverse learners and promote their classroom interaction. In addition to contributing to innovation in higher education in Hong Kong, the lessons learned here can be universally applied to ESL/EFL teaching and education reform around the world. Further, they support better learning and teaching at universities in the context of internationalization.

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