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God's Creativity and Human Action

von , 2017 bei Georgetown University Press

Kategorien: Religionswissenschaft, Ökumenismus


Georgetown University Press



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September 2017




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A record of the 2015 Building Bridges Seminar for leading Christian and Muslim scholars, this collection of essays explores the nature of divine and human agency through themes of creation’s goal, humankind’s dignity and task, and notions of sovereignty. Part I sets the context for the book with “Human Action within Divine Creation: A Muslim Perspective” by Mohsen Kadivar of Duke University and “On the Possibility of Holy Living: A Christian Perspective” by Lucy Gardner of Oxford University. The rest of the book includes paired essays—one from a Muslim perspective, one from a Christian perspective—that introduce scriptural material with commentary to aid readers in conducting dialogical study. In her conclusion, coeditor Lucinda Mosher digests the illuminating small-group conversations that lie at the heart of the Building Bridges initiative, conversations that convey a vivid sense of the lively, penetrating but respectful dialogue for which the project is known. This unique volume will be a valuable resource to scholars, students, and professors of Christianity and Islam.

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