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Around the World in Cut-Outs

von , 2018 bei Chronicle Books LLC

Kategorien: Illustriert, Motive & Themen


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März 2018




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The world is so much more than it seems! With only paper, scissors, a camera, and his vivid imagination, globe-hopping artist Paperboyo transforms real iconic landmarks and settings around the world into works of art and amusement by just holding up a cutout and snapping a photo. Here is New York's Guggenheim Museum as a flowerpot, the Eiffel Tower sporting butterfly wings, a giant octopus peeking its tentacles out of the Roman Colosseum, and nearly a hundred more images of wonder and humor. Featuring favorites from his wildly popular Instagram feed plus many never-before-seen delights, entertaining captions, behind-the-scenes, and cutouts for readers to make their own images,

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