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Adapted Compressed Sensing for Effective Hardware Implementations

von , 2017 bei Springer

Kategorien: Elektronik, Schaltkreise





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Juli 2017




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This book describes algorithmic methods and hardware implementations that aim to help realize the promise of Compressed Sensing (CS), namely the ability to reconstruct high-dimensional signals from a properly chosen low-dimensional “portrait”. The authors describe a design flow and some low-resource physical realizations of sensing systems based on CS. They highlight the pros and cons of several design choices from a pragmatic point of view, and show how a lightweight and mild but effective form of adaptation to the target signals can be the key to consistent resource saving. The basic principle of the devised design flow can be applied to almost any CS-based sensing system, including analog-to-information converters, and has been proven to fit an extremely diverse set of applications. Many practical aspects required to put a CS-based sensing system to work are also addressed, including saturation, quantization, and leakage phenomena.

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